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DSC04861Walk on up to our counter and experience friendly and knowledgeable people that would love to give you a personal tour of our self-storage facility. DSC04914Wide aisles, locked gates, code only access, individual door alarms on each unit and a clean facility - you don't need anything else do you? DSC04792A fully stocked retail store with a wide selection of boxes and moving accessories - Show your things you love them by packing them in STRONG boxes.

Frequently Asked Moving Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) - In addition to the information provided within our website, here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about Self Storage:

Q. What size storage unit do I need?A. You can use our Space Calculator on the website to help you determine approximately what size unit you will need based on the information you provide.

You may also call our office and speak to the manager on duty. Our managers will be able to make a recommendation based on the information you provide about what you will be storing.

Q. What does climate control mean? A. Climate controlled units are heated in the winter and due to our cooler climate, naturally cooled in the summer. Climate control helps protect sensitive items such as wood furniture, leather furniture, electronics, paintings, important documents, etc. The usual maximum temperature in a climate-controlled unit is approximately 78 degrees.The minimum temperature in a climate-controlled unit is approximately 50 degrees and the humidity level does not typically go above approximately 60%.
Q. Do I need a climate-controlled unit? A. If you are storing any of the more sensitive items listed in FAQ #2 for more than 1 month, you should consider climate control. If you would be comfortable storing your items in a typical garage, then climate control is not necessary for you.
Q. Do I have to sign a long-term contract when I rent a unit? A. No. All leases are on a month to month basis. There is a one-month minimum term rental. We do not rent units by the day or week. We only require 10 days notice when you are vacating, so there is no long-term commitment.
Q. When is the rent due? A. Every tenant’s rent is due on the anniversary date of their first day of occupancy. For example, if you rent on the 13th of the month, your next months rent payment will be due on the 13th of each month thereafter. We will also pro-rate your rent the month you are moving out, as long as you give us the 10 days notice of vacate. We only want you to pay rent for the time you are storing with us!
Q. What are the hours I can access my unit? A. Every day from 6am – 10pm, including Holidays. Once you have signed your lease, you will be issued a personalized gate code to gain access to the property. You will need to purchase a lock and keys for your unit which are yours to keep. If you are a commercial tenant and require 24-hour access, this is available for an additional monthly charge of $15.00.
Q. Is there an employee on the property at all times? A. There is a manager on duty 6 days a week during regular business hours. The office does close on Holidays. Please call anytime to check our Holiday Hours. We are closed on Sundays.
Q. Can a large moving truck get to my unit? A. Yes, our facility has extra wide drive aisles and multiple entry/exit gates that will accommodate all sizes of moving trucks.
Q. Do you have space for my trailer, boat or car? A. Yes, we have outdoor Boat, Car and RV parking spaces. You can also put any of these items in a non-climate controlled unit at our facility if they will fit through the unit doors, which are approximately 12’ wide and 8’ high.
Q. What method of payment do you accept and are there any discounts? A. We accept Cash, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard, Debit Card and Discover. You may also pay online at our website. We offer auto credit card payment free of charge. You can sign up for this service at the office. Please see your property manager regarding pre-payment discounts.
Q. Do you provide insurance for my stored items? A. Insurance is the responsibility of each tenant. We do not provide insurance for any unit contents. Please discuss your insurance purchase options with the manager at the time of rental.
Q. There are so many storage facilities in the area, why should I choose Deer Park Self Storage, LLC? A. You will get the most value for your money by storing with Deer Park Self Storage, LLC. Our facilities are clean and dry, fenced, well lighted and equipped with video surveillance cameras. Our rental offices are staffed with knowledgeable Property Managers. All storage units are on the ground level making them easy to access. Each storage unit has an individual alarm monitoring system. Customer service is a top priority. We frequently offer move in specials, so be sure to ask the manager about our current promotions. If we can be further assistance, please feel free to contact us.
Q. Do your self storage locations provide outside storage? A. Yes, Our self storage location offers outside storage where you can store boats, RVs, trailers and cars.
Q. Does our self storage location offer any discounts or run specials? A. Our pricing is very competitive and typically, specials are not necessary. Based on availability, we do offer rent specials and always offer a free month special if rent is paid one year in advance.
Q. What type of security do your self storage locations provide? A. We have video cameras recording 24 hours a day. Gate access is limited to current tenants only. Each unit has an individual monitored alarm system. Amenities vary by location and we invite you to stop by to personally inform you of our OTHER security measures we have in-place that we do not mention herein.
Q. Why do I need insurance? A. While your items are in storage they are not covered by the storage location for loss or damage. We strongly recommend that all customers take advantage of the insurance offered at our location. Do not assume any existing policy will automatically cover your items in storage. Check with your insurance agent regarding your homeowners or renters policy coverages.
Q. What items cannot be stored? A. You cannot store any hazardous, toxic, or illegal items. Also, no food or perishable items can be stored in our spaces. If in doubt of what can be stored in our spaces, please ask the property manager. Examples of items that cannot be stored are: Ammunitions, gasoline, paint, paint thinner, propane, food, produce, plants, fireworks, etc.
Q. What tips do I need to know to pack my items for storage? A. Store expensive items to the back of the space and place large pieces of furniture to the front of the space. Wrap glass and other breakable items in bubble wrap, paper pads, or quilts. Use the height of the space to maximize the cubic feet by standing large pieces of furniture on end and/or on top of each other. Do this only if the furniture is safe and securely placed. Be sure to use paper pads or cloth to protect furniture from scratches. Store heavier items on the bottom and light items on the top. Label your boxes on three sides to save from having to move them around to find the contents. For ventilation, it is a good idea to leave a couple of inches of air space between the walls and your items, especially block walls. It is a very good idea to maintain a written inventory of items in your space. Consider storing valuables, books and other items stored in boxes on pallets to keep them off the floor and away from moisture.
Q. What type of deposits/fees do you charge? A. We do charge a deposit fee and we do charge a small administration fee.
Q. Do your self storage locations sell locks? A. Yes, we sell them on-site or you may bring your own lock. We REQUIRE "Disc Locks or Cylinder Locks" for added protection.
Q. Do your self storage locations offer truck rentals? A. Yes, we offer a full line of equipment and Penske truck rentals.
Q. Can I store a vehicle? If so, what is required? A. Yes, but the vehicle must be drivable and we need a copy of the registration or title on file.
Q: Q. Do your self storage locations provide pest control? A. Yes, we have a professional pest control company that monitors our location monthly.
Q. Does your self storage location sell packing materials? A. Yes, our location has a full line of packing and moving supplies.
Q. Does it matter what type of boxes are used for storage? A. Use high quality moving boxes (sold at our location) designed for your move as opposed to recycled grocery cartons.
Q. Do your self storage locations accept deliveries? A. Yes, we are glad to accept deliveries as long as we have your authorization on file.
Q. Do your self storage locations pay referral fees? A. We will give you $20.00 rental credit per referral. We Love Referrals!