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Secure & Private Storage Areas Secure Private Storage Areas Our clean, asphalt, facilities have wide driveways and our customers can enjoy single level access that is lit day and night.

Securely Fenced Area PA020102 We have high quality fencing surrounding the entire facility.

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Protect Your Possessions With Safestor®

Protect Your Goods In Storage

Unforeseen and unexpected losses can happen as the result of natural disasters, weather, and other events beyond anyone's control. Protecting your stored goods from such losses is your responsibility. While precautions are taken to provide you with a safe and secure storage environment, your self-storage facility is not responsible for losses that may occur. For that reason, we offer Safestor® - an inexpensive, optional protection plan to safeguard your stored goods.

Why Safestor®

Because there's a need for such coverage. Often, customers who store their goods are moving and are between homes. As a result, they may not have a homeowner's, renter's or other insurance policy in effect to protect their stored goods. But even when they do, these policies often restrict the amount of coverage for goods stored away from the insured's residence.

Safestor® was especially designed to provide self-storage customers with low-cost protection for their goods while in storage. Safestor® is available in $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 or $15,000 coverage limits with a $100 deductible for each covered loss.

What Does Safestor® Cover?

Safestor covers you in case of loss or damage to your goods from all the major perils pictured below.

Insurance Coverage

Exclusions: Safestor does not provide coverage for jewelry, furs, watches, money, securities, documents or motorized vehicles, nor is there coverage for any loss resulting from war, flood, vermin or climate conditions like rust or mildew. See the Certificate of Insurance for a full explanation of the coverages.

Burglary coverage applies only when there are visible signs of forced entry and is limited to 50% of the coverage amount.

How To Purchase Safestor®

1. Purchase with storage rental contract. Your coverage becomes effective at the moment you have selected the level of coverage you desire, sign the form and make your payment. It's that easy.

2. Visit and proceed to the Premier Customer Club sign-in. Sign up for the Premier Customer Club and make your payment on-line. You can authorize payment on your credit card for coverage to begin immediately.

Coverage Amounts & Rates

Coverage Limits Monthly Rate
$1,000 $6
$5,000 $8 (Best Value)
$10,000 $16
$15,000 $24

Claims Checklist

In the event of a loss, please follow these simple procedures to ensure that your claim can be processed quickly and fairly.

  1. If your loss is due to burglary, holdup, vandalism or malicious mischief, the policy requires you to file a police report.
  2. Your should secure the remaining goods in storage to prevent further loss or damage.
  3. Do not dispose of any damaged goods until our claims adjuster has inspected them.
  4. Make a list of your lost or damaged goods with identification numbers, gather photos, receipts or other proof of ownership and value.