Storage Unit Auctions

At Deer Park Self Storage

How It Works

While we don't enjoy auctioning off a storage unit, it does happen.

We notify the public of upcoming auctions by placing an ad in the classified section of the local newspaper usually 10-14 days before the auction.

The ad will show the auction date, time, and unit size. If you have any further questions about our auctions please contact us.

Auction Details

  • The contents of the storage unit will be sold at a public auction on the date and time of the sale.
  • All bidders must sign in at the office prior to the start of the sale.
  • We accept credit cards and cash only.
  • Clean-up deposit required for all units and will be announced by the auctioneer. 
  • To receive a return of your clean-up deposit, buyers must remove the contents of the purchased unit within three days of the sale. The storage unit must be broom clean and all contents removed from the premises.